Videos from the tree removal in the PA Acre

Photos & Video of the Damage and Cleanup by Friends board members​

Saturday November 3, 2012 Special Cleanup

The Impact of Hurricane Sandy was minimal in the Grove as a whole. There were plenty of branches that fell upon the grounds of the newly manicured Grove. Thanks to our volunteers who attended the Oct. 20th cleanup, the Grove was in great shape prior to the storm.

The significant damage was to the Pennsylvania Acre. An old and quite beautiful red oak tree uprooted on the acre and broke one of the 3 benches and one flag pole.

Due to the safety risk in having volunteers on site as the oak tree was removed, the responsible decision was made not to call for a full cleanup. The Board knows you would have answered that call.

Instead, the board members of the Friends of the Grove and military personnel did the cleanup and began the tree removal.

The Friends of the MoH Grove is truly a hands-on board. Thanks to the following members for their work in the Pennsylvania acre - Chairman Wally Nunn, Larry Blount, Bill Fields and son Ryan, Dillon Ross and son Dillon and wife Starr, Missy Farkouh, Deb Woolson and Ken Wong.

Special thanks to the volunteers from the US Army Mid-Atlantic Recruiting Battalion, Valley Forge Company & Metro Philadelphia Company who conducted the much needed road clearing and branch pickup.

                                            PA Acre before Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy's Damage