November 2017 Tree Planting

For the second consecutive year trees were planted in the Grove.  On Veterans Day, November 11, 2017, 80 new trees were planted in the Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, S. Dakota, N. Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, N. Hampshire, Conn and N.York areas.

Valley Forge Cadets, Renaissance Academy students and other volunteers planted all the trees within 3 hours. Afterward Pizza was enjoyed by all.

The trees were delivered the day prior and unloaded by Mark Prowell, Gene Halus, Jerry O'Dell, Cory Etchberger, Wally Nunn and Deb Woolson.

The trees were made possible by a grant from the PA Horticultural Society’s TreeVitalize Program.
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August 2017 Roadway Completion

The Friends of the Grove realized it's goal of repaving the roadways in September. The project began in April 2012 and  was completed this year.

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2017 Medal of Honor Grove Improvements

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Tree Removal

October 2017 - January 2018

Over 180 trees were removed from the Grove. The local water company cleared the area around their easements on the 2 pipelines that run through it. 

The Friends of the Grove had 60 dead or diseased trees removed.

December 2017 Flag Poles

The Medal of Honor Grove now has new twenty foot flagpoles with flags, flying in all 52 state and territory areas. As the Friends embark on a beautification program we'd like to thank Ray Bentley for this generous donation. Ray's resolve to honor the Grove and our recipients is testimony to his patriotism and is greatly appreciated by the Friends and our community.

Thank you to John Williams from Brandywine Flags for his professionalism and care in installing all the poles and flags during November and December.