November 29, 2015

Special thanks to the Hogs and Heroes Foundation for adopting 3 acres, accepting special projects and their donation of $1,000 toward the maintenance of the Grove. The Hogs and Heroes Foundation is a community of motorcycle riders that support Public Safety, U.S. Military and Wounded Warriors charities. See 2015 Donations page.

Fall 2014 - Repaired 2015

A storm brought a tree down which damaged the Mississippi fiberglass obelisk. Friends volunteer Fred Levis offered to repair the obelisk and it is back in the Grove.

Below are the photos showing the stages of the repair. It's also a look inside an fiberglass obelisk for the first time.

Thank you Fred for your time and talent in repairing this obelisk. An Eagle Scout is now looking into renovating the Mississippi acre.

The Valley past Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and up the hill to the adjoining upper road

June 6, 2015

This year the Friends of the Grove continued their efforts with repaving the roadway from the entrance of the Grove, the Knox Building parking lot, the roadway by the stage past the Alabama, Florida, Puerto Rico and Georgia acres, then down the back road beyond Arkansas.

In addition, the roadway going down the valley past Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee then up the hill to the adjoining road.

This will be appreciated by the drivers who volunteer to pick up the piles of debris with their trucks.

The Freedoms Foundation is grateful to the Friends of the Grove for their work over the past 4 years and the continued commitment of all its volunteers.

Here are some before and after photos

Road behind the Knox Building, past the stage to the Southern States and the Knox Parking Lot​

2015 Grove Updates

2015 Missouri

Here's the condition of the Missouri acre 3 months ago and how it looks today. The stone obelisk was power washed and the brickwork replaced. 
Thank you to the Missouri American Legion which has taken the lead and, with other veterans organizations in that state, have been sending funds to the Friends for a few years. The Friends arranged for the work to be done with their funds.
The American Legion came across paper work about their acre in the Grove. They had no idea there was an acre so they contacted the Friends wanting to improve their acre. We know many states do not know they are represented here, please help us get that word out.