Weeds had overtaken almost all 53 acres around and the ground plaques had high grass growing around them.  The brick pads in each state’s acre, along with the state’s obelisk, needed some TLC. Our contracted landscaper couldn't keep up with it due to the amount of rain we received.


So the Friends began a pilot program in the summer of 2015 in an attempt to receive help with the individual states. 15 state acres were adopted and an additional 6 states' brick pads were weeded. We are very grateful for their help.

Because of the success of this pilot program, we will continue it in 2016.

We are asking for volunteers – families, civic groups, community groups and/or people who love gardening – to adopt one acre and help maintain it from our Spring Cleanup (May) until our Fall Cleanup (Oct) when we prepare the Grove for it's winter's rest. There are 53 acres – one for each state as well as Puerto Rico, District of Columbia and the AOH acre.

First, contact the Friends to request an acre – choose your favorite state!  (if it’s already taken, we can assign one to you). Email us at:

Work needed should you choose to adopt an acre:

  • Weed your acre's pad (we ask that you bring your own weed killer to use if possible). The weeds between the bricks should be killed and removed.

  • If needed, wash the obelisk (NO POWER WASHING- also, there is no water in the Grove so you’ll have to be resourceful.) There is a water source on campus - just ask us.

  • Wash the ground plaques.

  • Wash the cement walkway  (Some have a great deal of moss growing)

  • Use a weed whacker to cut the grass around your state’s ground plaques. (there is no electric in the Grove so a gas weed whacker would be required but this is not a deal breaker if you don’t have one).

  • Report to the Friends your schedule, progress and what brand of weed killer you use.

  • Send photos to us to be posted on Facebook and this website. Only your 1st name will be used unless you request otherwise.

All debris should be piled in the grass along the road and will be removed, which is why we need to know your schedule.

If you cannot physically adopt an acre to weed, you can contribute to the cost of weed killer for those who can't afford the expense but have the time to weed. 

2015 Adopt An Acre

Special thanks to the AOH, Gerdes Family, Lehning Family, Jim, John, Latin American Post and Unit 840, Nick, Pam, Kacergis & Ellis Families and Boy Scout Troop 119 from Evansburg, Pa.

15 state acres were adopted and and additional 6 states' brick pads were weeded.