Inventory of Recipients Names​


The Friends of the Grove Board has been conducting an inventory of the names of the recipients currently represented on the obelisks and ground markers in the Grove. The goal is to assure that all recipients are added to the obelisks by the spring event that will soon be announced.  
Today marked the completion of the physical inventory of the names that has been in progress for the past month. Special thanks to Elaine Matt, Fred Levis, Ed Keenan, National AOH President Seamus Boyle & his AOH members, Emma and Gracie for joining members of the Friends Board in this effort.
We were honored to enjoy the company of Sara  Livingston, wife of Medal of Honor Recipient and Friends of the MoH Grove board member General James Livingston - who staffed the work table with daughter Missy Livingston Farkouh, also a Friends board member.

April 3, 2012 - Day 1​

April 4, 2012 - Day 2​

April 5, 2012 - Day 3

April 3, 2012

Today the Friends of the Grove, with your past financial support began the task of paving an area of the roadway leading into the Grove that has been in bad condition for quite some time. This project has been a top priority since the Friends assumed the responsibility of caring for this beautiful memorial. 

Here are some photos showing the progress made this week.. We continue to fundraise to improve the Grove to honor our heroes. Your continued support is sought and greatly appreciated.

Please consider a donation today.
Photos courtesy of Fred Levis

April 6, 2012 - Day 4

The Friends of the Grove report that the first major improvement to the Grove- the partial roadway repaving (leading into the Grove) is completed. Thank you to DEL-PEN-ASPHALT for the generously fair rate and the great job.

2012 Grove Progress